Specialty lodging options come in many styles. Some places have indoor waterparks, while others may have an unbelievable view. About 1 1/2 hours north of Salt Lake City, in Logan, Utah, you will find Anniversary Inn, which has the designation of being a most unusual lodging option. Logan was founded by Brigham Young in 1859. This sleepy city has grown to over 100,000 residents in the metropolitan area. The Morgan Quitno Press, from Lawrence, Kansas, has twice ranked Logan the safest city in the United States.

On a warm Fall afternoon, we pulled into Logan. We had specifically chosen this city for an overnight stay, because of the Anniversary Inn. This Bed & Breakfast specializes in offering a wide variety of themed rooms. They have four locations in Utah, but this one happened to be in a good spot on our long road trip. On the way to the lodging, we ran across a sandwich shop that beckoned closer inspection. Being Baby Boomers, we grew up watching shows like Hogan’s Heroes, so the twist on the name was not lost on us. A quick check of online reviews showed positive reviews, so we grabbed some sandwiches to go. Just a few blocks away, we found our overnight destination.

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This B&B offers three levels of rooms, and the prices are based on these levels. Guests can choose between Ruby, Emerald, or Diamond level accommodations. Depending on which you choose, they have a variety of special features. The suites include a free bottle of sparkling cider, cheesecake, and breakfast the next morning.  The Ruby level includes themes like; Pirate’s Paradise, Pyramids of Egypt, or Lost in Space. The Emerald level entices guests with such themes as; King Arthur’s castle or Cajun Romance. Since we were celebrating a milestone anniversary, we decided to splurge and chose a diamond-level suite. The Diamond level has suites like; Arabian Nights, Jesse James Hideout, Amazon Rainforest, or Rich’s Drive-in, which includes a bed in the back of a pickup truck.

Since I was a motorcycle driver in my younger years, we opted for the Biker Roadhouse suite. The amenities include a full-size pool table, pinball machine, jetted Jacuzzi tub, and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It’s easy to see that this suite goes over the top. There is a bar area, which was stocked with a bucket of popcorn, and some iced sodas. Toss in a 46″ TV, and a DVD player to make it as comfy as home. Logan did not have many nightlife options for us, so we wanted a room with plenty of entertainment options. Needless to say, it has plenty to keep you on-site for your stay.

This room, like many of the others available, also offered up plenty of photo opportunities. The staff was welcoming, but not obtrusive. Once we entered our rooms, we were only interrupted by the delivery of breakfast. The place is so quiet that we felt like we were the only ones staying there. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect time, and it was hard to leave the next day. Unfortunately, time marches on, and we needed to continue our journey. We did decide that the Anniversary Inn makes an excellent special occasion stop for those wanting a unique experience. This is a place we will always remember, and we hope to have the opportunity to visit it again. There were other rooms we would like to experience.

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