Pizza is one of our go-to foods, because it comes with so many options. One drawback has always been the long cooking time, but Topp’d has made that a problem of the past.  We visited the KCK location at 3934 Rainbow Blvd. If you are farther south you may want to stop in their newly opened second location at 8750 Penrose Lane in Lenexa. We can only assume that they offer the same menu at both sites.Topp'd Pizza sits in a quiet courtyard in KCK.

Reader’s Choice

A while back we asked our readers for their suggestions on restaurants for us to visit. Topp’d was certainly in the top of the pizza joint list, and we had seen it on various drives in the KU Medical Center neighborhood. With this vote of confidence we knew it was time for a visit. Parking at this newer facility is actually behind the storefront, and can be accessed from Rainbow Blvd. They have a back door entrance, but we didn’t realize that until after our dinner. That’s okay, because each extra step helps burn off some more of our delicious dinners.

The interior of Topp'd Pizza has an industrial vibe.

Welcome to the 21st Century

The interior of Topp’d has an industrial feel that is becoming quite popular of late. Seating is primarily tabletops and chairs, and is meant for a quicker paced meal. Being located across from the hospital certainly gives them ample opportunity to practice this approach. They tout their use of fresh ingredients, and the flavor does show through. We chatted with the manager, while our pies were being assembled. Topp’d sources as many of their ingredients locally when possible. This helps them with freshness, since they don’t have a freezer on-site. The ordering process is fairly simple. Pick your crust, sauce, and toppings, and Boom! You’re all set. They even have some pre-selected combinations, if you don’t want to create your own. Once this is done, your pizza cooks in about five minutes.

Chicken Florentine pizza has a creative collection of fresh ingredients.

Bawk, Bawk

Crystal has a thing for chicken on her pizza, especially if it has a white sauce. While it’s not my thing, it must be pretty good, since she always looks for it. At Topp’d, it is called Chicken Florentine. After the crust is rolled, and perforated, it is coated with an Alfredo sauce. The mozzarella goes on next, and then they pile on roasted tomatoes, basil chicken, spinach, and roasted garlic. Five minutes later, she was biting into her wonderful creation. Clearly it was good, as she kept telling me, “This is good!”

Monster Meat pie at Topp'd Pizza is a collection of various meat toppings.

It’s a Monster!

Now I enjoy meat on my pizza, also. Just not chicken. (Except for the chicken meatballs I use on my grilled pizzas.) Not having been to Topp’d previously, I was more likely to struggle with a choice. A quick cursory review of the menu options, and I was ready. One of the first things I saw was the Monster Meat pizza choice. This red sauce based pie is piled with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and Italian sausage. Customers also have the option to load on some great veggie options, but I stuck with adding some olives. When mine was ready, I was bowled over by flavor combination. The crust is tasty without being sweet like some pie makers. From start to finish, the process is so easy and quick. We were in and out in less time than we expected, but didn’t feel like we were rushed. It was a perfect combination of flavor and efficiency. Welcome to the 21st Century of pizza at Topp’d. So which toppings are you going to pick?

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