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You Can Find Local Eats At The Sundry

The Crossroads District in Kansas City, Missouri holds a ton of great locally-owned restaurants. We stopped in The Sundry recently, to sample their offerings. Our visit coincided with the First Friday Artwalk. (read more about that here>) We love local recurring events, as they offer us a chance to test a variety of businesses that may otherwise get overlooked.The entrance to The Sundry restaurant.

More Than Just A Restaurant

The Sundry isn’t your standard restaurant. They tout themselves as a market and kitchen, and have become a staple of the Crossroads area. Located at 1706 Baltimore Avenue, they are just far enough off of Southwest Blvd. to allow guests to find parking on a busy day. Of course, on First Fridays you may want to arrive early, as the street spots fill up by early evening. When we entered The Sundry, we noticed that they had done a little remodeling since our last visit. The left side of their space is now occupied by a large bar area, which has ample seating for customers. For this evening we were on a mission, so we bypassed this spot, but I did capture the picture at the top of this article.

The Sundry offers local produce.

The downtown area has limited grocery options, as is the case in many large cities. Fortunately, small shops such as The Sundry bridge the gap for many of the local residents. Here they offer a smattering of produce, some local cheeses, as well as a variety of meats that can be purchased by the pound. These same ingredients are used as the base for many of the dishes that they offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Locally sourced food staples at The Sundry.

The Sundry also has a few shelves stocked with food staples sourced from local producers. It’s always fun to search through them to see how many we have heard of. It seems like there are more and more small craft  condiment makers popping up all of the time. We think that having more local options is a great thing. When you stop by for a meal, be sure to check out all of the unique labels on these items. Some of them are extremely creative.

Ordering a meal at The Sundry.

The Sundry Dining Options

The Sundry offers breakfast Monday through Saturday, as well as a brunch on Sundays. We haven’t had a chance to sample the breakfast menu, but during this stop we picked a couple items that appear on the Sunday brunch menu. Brunch is a crossover menu filled with many of the lunch and dinner sandwiches, but also offering some breakfast staples. The staff was very friendly, and more than happy to explain the ingredients for each of the dishes we were considering. The prices were in line for sandwiches made with a higher quality of ingredients than what you would get at a chain store.

Worker preparing a meal.

After placing our order, they sprang into action. We liked that they have an open kitchen area, so that customers can watch their meal being assembled. I’m sure this guy was a little taken back by having someone photographing his work, but he took it like a champ. There were a couple of other staff members who were buzzing around preparing for the upcoming rush that is expected on a First Friday. Once again, we were happy that we stopped in earlier than later. When we passed by later, on the way to our car, we noticed a steady stream entering the place.

Cuban sandwich.

Local Makes A Difference

I’m sure most of you know by now that I have a thing for Cuban sandwiches. There is just something about the mix of flavors that hit the right spot for me. When I saw they offered one on the menu, well I was set with my order. Watching the guy prepare it only made me more hungry. Piles of homemade ham and roasted pork are fused with Swiss cheese. Toss on pickles and mustard, and sandwich it all on a fresh ciabatta roll, and my mouth was already watering. Add to this one of their craft sodas, and I was all set. On a previous visit we had tested out their gyros, and were surprised by the somewhat southwest flavor of the meat. When I received my Cuban, I was wondering if it would be a different take on the standard. What I found was it was a real Cuban. By the way, it didn’t stay around very long, as the flavor had me coming back for more.

Club sandwich.

Crystal is more of a turkey fan, so she ordered the Sundry Club. Smoked turkey and homemade bacon are topped with provolone, cucumbers, and lettuce. This is piled on a house made multi-grain bread, which has smears of horseradish mayo, as well as red onion jam. She let me sneak a bite, and the flavor combination is light, but fulfilling. The Sundry certainly has developed a knack for combining flavors in an interesting fashion. Crystal chose a different flavor craft soda to compliment her meal choice. By the end of our meals we were fueled for our evening of exploring. It made us feel even better that we had chosen a healthy, locally-produced dinner option.

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