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Real Food For Real People at Wolfe-es Restaurant

The residents of Armourdale are hard working people who value their money, but enjoy spending time with their neighbors. This is apparent when you visit Wolfe-es Restaurant located at 842 Osage Avenue. The Armourdale area of Kansas City, Kansas is one of the older sections of the city. What began around 1880 was a base for many of the meat packing companies that called Kansas City home. The area has been subjected to near total devastation from floods in 1903, and again in 1951. Through all of this, many families have continued to call this area home.

wolfe-es restaurant

This hometown landmark has served up great food, at a good value for years. They don’t get a lot of press releases or notoriety, but their food is well known around the metro. People flock here in the morning for a hot cup of coffee and a warm breakfast. The food is dished out in large helpings, so the customers don’t leave for work hungry. The menu at Wolfe-es is filled with your average diner staples, and the preparation is consistent. You seat yourself at one of the tables or at the counter, and the wait staff takes care of everything else. Conversations take place around and across the restaurant, and you quickly see that this is a local hangout. When the dust has settled, you realize you just had one of the best breakfasts ever, and for an unbelievable low price.

Of course Wolfe-es isn’t just for breakfast. Customers pop in to grab a quick lunch to go, as they head back to their jobs in one of the nearby businesses. The counter fills with regulars swapping stories of the recent past or discussing plans for days to come. Burgers seem to pass through the kitchen non-stop, as the hungry patrons chow down. Soon afternoon gives way to evening, and the dinner crowd stops in. Here again the same relaxed atmosphere can be found. It seems that everybody knows everybody, and they welcome you into the family. The food keeps flying out of the kitchen until late evening, when it’s time to call it a day. Don’t worry, it will all begin again in the morning.

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6 comments on “Real Food For Real People at Wolfe-es Restaurant”

  1. Love Love Love Wolfe-es! Started going when I was a kid with my Grandparents and Mom and now my Kids! Great food and great prices!!

  2. Wolfees is the best. Waitress are amazing food is great and the owners are super sweet. Use to work there all around amazing place. And the neighbors are caring and a big family.

  3. Thanks for the great article. Great food, great staff! This is the only American restaurant in Armourdale. Such a friendly place to eat.

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