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Welcome to Our Changing Lives

We have been overwhelmed with the growing support our blog has seen over the past five years. In that time we have learned a lot, and grown along with all of you. We decided that the new blog would be named Our Changing Lives to play off of real life. Being at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation, it was just a matter of time before we became empty-nesters. We had already moved through so many phases of our lives together, and this newest phase was entered with a little hesitance. We are sure many of you have already had this same experience or are currently going through it. It is a little scary to think about this sudden addition of extra time that has always been dedicated to raising a family. It is also a little saddening to see your children grow into adults with lives of their own, but this is the natural progression that we went through ourselves, so many years ago.

We quickly decided that we would make the most of this change, and adjusted our attitude to one of exploration. The lessons we learned while taking trips with our kids would also work for just the two of us. I have always been the kind who over-analyzes a situation, so I do well at creating a robust itinerary. Crystal is more of the “Let me know when we get there” type, and fortunately I have learned what she enjoys in attractions, dining, and lodging. I still have more time to put in at my full time job, but after 35 years I have accrued lots of vacation time. We use this to explore the world around us.

Our Changing Lives

Most of you have followed our restaurant posts, and we plan to continue these in our new blog.  We also plan to add more articles about travel. Since we are Kansas City based, a lot of the articles will be places within driving range of the metro. After scouring lots of travel sites on the web, we have noticed too many want to focus on the coasts or international travel. We plan to set our sights on the middle of the country, but will include some longer distances. Our hope is to create a resource site for those seeking honest, impartial information about places they may wish to visit. We have already loaded a handful of articles on the site, so you have some things to read at the start. More will come regularly, as we plan to post twice a week. Of course there may be times we exceed that number, especially if we are working on a recently completed trip.

We hope that you will help us get the word of our website out into the public by sharing it with others. If you want to make sure you catch all of our new articles, just fill out the “Connect With Us’ form in the sidebar. Our plan is to send out a notification each week to let people know about the new articles. We promise not to spam you, nor will we ever sell your information. Our hope is to build a platform for us to share our experiences with all of you, and hopefully you will be willing to share some of your experiences with all of us. We welcome your comments on any and all of our posts. Please be aware that we do require an email address when commenting, so that we can limit the chance of spam mail on our website, since no one likes that stuff.

Thanks again for sharing your time with us, and we hope you enjoy your visits!

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