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Tin Kitchen: Weston, Missouri

Just a short drive from Kansas City you will find Weston, Missouri. This nearby day trip location is a quaint little river town filled with small town shops. The downtown area is a popular place for couples, families, and small parties to gather for a day of leisurely activities. Between shopping, winery visits, and other interesting stops, you can work up quite an appetite. There are a handful of dining choices, but on our recent visit we picked the Tin Kitchen.

Locate on Main Street, in downtown Weston, this eatery is housed in an old hardware store. The whole downtown is on the historic register, and the buildings exude the charm of a bygone era. Upon entering you are welcomed by the colorful walls and the pressed-tin high ceilings. Booths line both walls, and a long table runs down the center, all of which offer plentiful seating.

Tin Kitchen -  Weston Missouri - Historic Restaurant

To get started Tin Kitchen only has a couple of appetizers, but lots of drink options. Besides draft beers, wines, and canned items, they also offer a full bar. There are a handful of Craft cocktail offerings, and we chose to test out their Huck Finn. This lemonade based drink has 360 Huckleberry Vodka added to provide a little kick. We were both quite taken by this delicious, and refreshing drink, and shocked that it only costs $5.00. Now is a good time to note that all of their Craft cocktails are made with McCormick products. This makes perfect sense, since there is a distillery in Weston.

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Since we were in between lunch and dinner time, we decided to split a meal. We chose the single patty cheeseburger with fries plate. Of course there were plenty of other choices, with many of them being BBQ items. They seem to lean toward the handheld variety of offerings, but we noticed someone’s salad looked very appetizing, as well.

When our plate arrived, we realized that we had made a wise choice when we decided to split it. The fries were heaped on the plate, and the burger was piled high with toppings. After dividing our meal, we set upon enjoying it. The burger was good and juicy, and certainly hit the spot. The fries actually stole the show. They were thinner than standard cut, which gave them a little of an onion straw texture. The crispiness kept us coming back for more. There is a good selection of desserts on the menu, but we had already made note of the soda shoppe down the block, and were contemplating the flavors of ice cream they had available. The meal was very affordable, which was a bonus. If your plans include a visit to Weston, Missouri, then we would recommend a visit to the Tin Kitchen.

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4 comments on “Tin Kitchen: Weston, Missouri”

  1. Jeez, really? A restaurant review and its two people splitting a hamburger and fries? The place may have wonderful food, but we’ll never know it by reading this piece. Rediculous.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Our articles are meant as suggestions about potential places to visit. We are not food critics, but simply food lovers. Our hope is that it will spark the travel desire in others, and perhaps intrigue you enough to visit the place yourself.

  2. Rudest waiting staff I have ever seen in my life. Wouldn’t seat us. Had to find a seat on our own and when we did, staff never acknowledged us and refused to wait on us. WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THERE AGAIN and certainly wouldn’t recommend the place to anyone.

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