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These days there are a plethora of cooking shows, and competitions that give the up-and-coming a springboard to quick success. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be every bit as good as their competition. Remember that social media can be a boon or a bust for businesses these days. A prime example of this boosted success would be SLAPS BBQ at 553 Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Back in the old days becoming a successful restaurateur was a long and arduous process. It required years of training, working your way up through the kitchen ranks. With hard work, and a little luck, you may be able to gain some notoriety. 

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Squeal Like A Pig’s BBQ (Hence the name) was the brainchild of the Pearce brothers, and the name of their barbecue competition team. They entered the competition arena after years of honing their cooking styles. After a wildly successful first year on the circuit, they were given the opportunity to compete on the television show, BBQ Pitmasters. They completed the competition with a respectable 2nd place finish. Being the youngest team to ever compete on the show, their 2013 performance was an overwhelming victory.

With this success fresh in their minds, they proceeded to open their own barbecue restaurant in June of 2014. Positioned just a stones throw from the old stockyards, they quickly developed an almost cult following. Their success often left them out of product within just a few hours of opening, and they had to increase their availability to match their customer demands. After a couple of moths, they had reached their cooking capacity, and still find themselves running out of products by day’s end.

They offer up a fairly robust menu, which is filled with ribs, sandwiches, and plates. Meats can be purchased by the 1/4, 1/2 or full pounds, as well. One of the most popular menu items is the Sampler Plate. Loaded with sausage, brisket, turkey, and pork this dinner packs plenty of protein. Two large sides, and some pickles and bread accompany the order. For $20.00, this is a good meal selection for two. For those wanting a bit more, you can add burnt ends or ribs to the meal for an extra charge. The meats are juicy and tender with a good smoke flavor. The fact that they sell out everyday is a testament to the quality of the products they serve.

SLAPS BBQ offers up two sauce options, and they both have a sweet undertone. They are a little runny, and one has a little more kick than the other, but both have a good flavor. Of course you can purchase sauce and rubs on the side, so that you can attempt to recreate these flavors in your own backyard. Perhaps some day you too will participate on the BBQ circuit, just like the Pearce brothers. By the way, they still continue to compete in 25 to 35 competitions per year. They want to be sure to keep themselves sharp, because the public is always watching.


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