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Harry Truman’s First Job Wasn’t At Clinton’s, but It was still Sweet

We have made many trips to the historic Independence Square. On a lot of those visits we stopped in to Clinton’s Soda Fountain for a sweet break. Clinton’s sits squarely on the corner of Main Street and Maple, and offers a great vantage point for people watching. [...]

By | June 26th, 2017|Categories: Sweet Treats|2 Comments

American Indians – The True Native People

The Mid-America All-Indian Center, in Wichita, is the only facility solely dedicated to the culture of the American Indians, located in the state of Kansas. Situated on the point of land that overlooks the Arkansas River, a visit to this unique museum was a chance to explore the cultural [...]

By | June 23rd, 2017|Categories: Wichita|Tags: , |4 Comments
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We are Jeff and Crystal, a Baby Boomer couple who love exploring this big blue marble we all call home. After spending the first portion of our lives together raising a family, the empty-nest syndrome finally caught up with us. This has given us the opportunity to spend more time traveling, and seeking out new destinations. We developed this travel blog with the goal of showing how we “Visit Like A Local”.

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