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True Grit At The Lone Jack Civil War Museum

Being from the Midwest means that we can find lots of historical sites within close proximity to our hometown. While it may not be Crystal's favorite, I am particularly intrigued by the Civil War battles and skirmishes in the region. These are numerous, so she has learned to make the best of it, and look for the personal stories that can be found entwined with the military data. Our visit to the Lone Jack Civil War Museum gave me another chance to further explore the actions in the border region. Located just a few minutes outside of Lee's Summit, Lone [...]

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Why The Locals Love Cafe Telegraph

St. Louis, Missouri has tons of places to explore, but all of that action means working up an appetite. After our visit to the Civil War Museum and Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, we needed to find a nearby restaurant. Just a couple blocks away we discovered Cafe Telegraph, a locally owned restaurant that is quite popular with the locals. Actually, it was some of the locals that keyed us in on this place, and their reviews put it high on our "must try" list. We want to thank Cafe Telegraph and Explore St. Louis for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our [...]

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What To Expect At The Joplin History Museum

When the name of Joplin, Missouri is mentioned, many will think immediately of the 2011 EF5 tornado that devastated portions of the city. Joplin is so much more than that. It has a rich history reaching back before the Civil War. We stopped in the Joplin Museum Complex to learn more about this southwestern Missouri city. The official name of this portion of the museum complex is the Dorothea B. Hoover Historical Museum. It is laid out as an assembly of collections, with each having its specific gallery area. We want to thank the Joplin Museum Complex and Visit Joplin, Mo. for their hospitality. [...]

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Filling Station BBQ – Another KC Gas Station BBQ Joint

We are trying to figure out what it is about gas stations and BBQ in Kansas City. We all know about the nationally recognized joint that recently dropped Oklahoma from its name. There is another place that sits on the side of the highway a little farther west in KCK. Well now we found one across the state line in the Lee's Summit area. Filling Station BBQ is located at 333 SE Douglas Street in the downtown section. Let's take a closer look. The Golden Era When we arrived at Filling Station BBQ it was obvious where the name originated. [...]

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Missouri Civil War Museum – Remembering The Fallen

When planning our visit to St, Louis, we wanted to make sure we included some stops that would help us better understand the history of the area. Jefferson Barracks happens to be the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi River. On these grounds, the Missouri Civil War Museum has operated since 2013. We had the chance to sit down with Mark Trout, founder and CEO, to discuss the background of the museum. His passion for preserving the historic relevance of this era is apparent. Recent times have shown a national furor about this period in America's [...]

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Getting Stuffed At Red Onion Cafe

During our visit to Joplin, Missouri we took some time to visit the downtown area. This section of the city falls on the path of Route 66, so it draws a wide variety of travelers every year. After taking in some of the sights, we had worked up a big lunchtime appetite, so we made a stop in the Red Onion Cafe. The restaurant was pretty busy, but we were still seated almost immediately. We want to thank the Red Onion Cafe for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own. Popular Place This day's lunch crowd was clearly a [...]

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Chiusano’s Pizzeria – Brick Baked Goodness

A cloudy and dreary Friday evening makes for a difficult date night. One way to bring a little warmth is a visit to a local pizzeria. For a recent outing we chose to dine at Chiusano's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Village West. Located at 1713 Village W Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66111, this locally owned restaurant offers up Naples style pizzas. Out of the Cold As we entered the pizzeria, we noticed it was pretty busy. That is always a good sign, so we were sure to have a good time. The seating is a mix of tables and [...]

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Baxter Springs, Ks – History In The Heartland

Our visit to Baxter Springs, Kansas occurred during the Route 66 Instameet sponsored by Travel Kansas. This was the last stop of the day, so we decided to wander off to explore away from the beaten path. Just a couple blocks from our meeting point, we found the Baxter Springs Historical Museum. We have visited many small town museums, and figured we could give it a once over in 30 or 45 minutes. Boy, we were in for a surprise. […]

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Candy House Gourmet – A Sweet Story

Let’s just face the facts. We like chocolate! There, it has been said, and there is no taking it back. This may be the reason why so many of our trips include a visit to a chocolate shop. We like to think it is just a service we provide for our readers who are looking for a sweet treat option when touring a destination. At least that is our way of convincing ourselves we are just doing public service work. Whatever the reason, we have had tremendous fortune in digging up some wonderful chocolatiers during our [...]

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Seeing Manhattan, Kansas – Exploring The Flint Hills

The Midwest portion of the United States is filled with a wide range of destination types. We find that college towns usually offer some interesting things to see, since they have a consistent flow of visitors. Manhattan is home to Kansas State University, and less than a two hour drive from our home in Kansas City. On a sunny, warm winter day we headed there to see what we could uncover in one day. Before heading out, we had contacted Visit Manhattan to let them know we were going to be in the vicinity. We always [...]

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