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The sign out side City Fish and More signals people to stop and visit the tan stucco covered building.

Fried Delights at City Fish and More

If you wander into City Fish and More, at 2704 State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas, you will find exactly what their name implies. Quite often you will hear the experts touting the health benefits of eating fish. I’m not certain that deep fried versions are just as healthy, but they are certainly delicious. 

The menu board at City Fish and More lists the daily specials, as well as meal choices and side dishes.

The History

This hometown restaurant is owned by Pete Badalucco. Not the Pete that first starting selling fish in KCK, but his grandson. He is a third generation fishmonger. (We are loosely using this term, since the fish is cooked) His grandfather opened KCK’s first fish market in 1938. It was located around 10th and Minnesota Avenue, which in those days was the middle of town. The original Tony’s son decided to have a fish and poultry store at 12th and Woodland in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1984, grandson Pete opened his own restaurant at it’s current location. This family has been serving the Kansas City metro for almost 80 years.

A plate full of fried fish filets and french fries are the main portion of a meal at City Fish and More. A small container of potato salad serves as a side dish.

The Meals

The menu at City Fish has seven varieties of boneless fish nuggets or fillets. These can be ordered as half pound, three-quarter pound, or one full pound meals. The two larger sizes also come with the choice of two sides. The available sides for the dinners are; potato or macaroni salad, fried okra, french fries or hush puppies. If you are looking for something different, then you can order additional side dish options from the regular menu. You will find a wide range of options from green beans with cornbread to spaghetti & meat sauce. For those looking for more of the rustic fish appearance, they also offer bone-in filets. You can choose catfish or buffalo in the same meal format. For those wanting to feed a larger group City Fish has family boxes available of most of their fish varieties. All of the fish varieties we have sampled have been good. The crusts are crispy and light, so as not to overwhelm the meat inside.

Boiled shrimp rest on a plate beside a side order of corn on the cob. A container of cocktail sauce is used for a dipping sauce with the shrimp.

Is that All They Have?

Their menu doesn’t stop there. They also serve up shrimp dinners, either fried or boiled.  Chicken tenders or wings, as well as burgers or a pork tenderloin sandwich round out the menu. If you aren’t stuffed by the end of your meal, they also have a few dessert options. City Fish and More is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am until 9:00 pm. On Sunday their hours run from 12:00 to 7:00. They offer daily lunch specials, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm, for those looking for a bargain. Drop by and taste what three generations of experience has brought to our city.

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