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Sweet Treats

A sugar cone contains two scoops of ice cream.

Cool Treats at Poppy’s Ice Cream

Poppy’s Ice Cream & Coffee House is located at 307 SE Douglas in downtown Lee’s Summit. It was a welcome sight during our recent visit. For us, one of life’s sweetest treats is ice cream. Give us a warm day, and a bowl of ice cream, and we are just about as happy as we can get. When we happen upon an ice cream shop we have never visited, we just have to stop in to see what they offer. The variety of colors swirled in the different containers are mesmerizing, and we find ourselves drawn to test a few.Continue reading

  • The Upper Crust

Sweet Success at The Upper Crust

One of the reasons we look forward to visiting Downtown Overland Park is the chance to stop in The Upper Crust. For those of you that have been here, you know why we are excited. This place is a straight up pie shop with no qualms about their specialty. They aren’t trying to serve a hundred different dessert options, and have honed in on the idea of offering the best pies they can make. They do offer a few cookie and bar options, but it is clear upon entering their shop that they focus on their pies.

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A Decadent Sweet Treat

Late on a weekend evening we found ourselves out in the Town Center area of Overland Park, Kansas. We had just finished doing some light shopping, and were preparing for our drive back home. Dinner had been delicious, but that had been hours ago. The labors of shopping had created a desire for something Decadent to cap off the night. While we have frequented this area on many occasions, we haven’t spent much time looking for sweet confections. Just as you would probably do, I whipped into a parking lot and pulled out my phone. Soon we had a location identified, and were on our way.

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