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Happy Hour in Village West - Yard House - appetizers - cocktails - restaurant - Kansas City Kansas

How to Beat The Heat At Yard House

Our visit to Yard House at the Legends Shopping Center was timed to take advantage of two things; Happy Hour specials, and their shady patio. Enjoying a Happy Hour in Village West is something that wasn’t available a few years ago. These days it is becoming a little more common, and we hope its popularity grows.

Happy Hour in Village West - Yard House - appetizers - cocktails - restaurant - Kansas City Kansas

Happy Hour in Village West

Many people had already caught on to the advantages of Happy Hour, so the Friday evening we visited was buy. Fortunately, our wait wasn’t too long, and soon we were sitting in the shade sipping a refreshing cocktail. The patio is a great place to do some prime people watching, so we were just about as happy as possible. We have had regular meals at Yard House, but for this evening we decided to piece together a meal from the appetizers on the Happy Hour menu.

Happy Hour in Village West - Yard House - appetizers - cocktails - restaurant - Kansas City Kansas

An obvious beginning for our culinary experiment was the Onion Ring Tower. For only $5.00, this Happy Hour dish is quite a deal. These beer battered rings are dusted with Parmesan, which makes them tasty on their own. Of course, they are served with two dipping sauces, Chipotle and Ranch flavored. It’s hard to say which was best, but let’s just say the Chipotle version disappeared first.

Happy Hour in Village West - Yard House - appetizers - cocktails - restaurant - Kansas City Kansas

More Happy Hour Deals

The original plan was to grab one main course to split. Once we started reviewing the Happy Hour food menu, the Vampire Taco caught our attention. We’ve tried many kinds of street tacos, but this name seemed unfamiliar. Come to find out, Vampire style means that the taco is wrapped in a tortilla that has been encrusted with cheese. To be honest, I thought it was the addition of roasted garlic cloves that gained it the unusual name. Whatever the reason, it was very good. Another $5.00 item.

Happy Hour in Village West - Yard House - appetizers - cocktails - restaurant - Kansas City Kansas

The main course ended up being the Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza without the mushrooms. Crystal isn’t a huge fan of mushrooms, and I am okay to skip them when it comes to pizza toppings. This menu item was $6.00, but certainly a lot more filling than the taco. It was a good finish to our eclectic dinner. We sat for a bit, as we finished our cocktail, but soon we decided to walk off some of our meal. Next visit we will have to trial a few different items, and have ourselves another appetizer meal.

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Top Hat Winery - winery - Independence Missouri - wines - tasting room

Hat’s Off To Top Hat Winery

The past few years has seen an increase in the localized breweries and wineries. Top Hat Winery, in downtown Independence, Missouri is a prime example. Located at 120 S. Main Street, they are just a stone’s throw off of the historic downtown square. We stopped by on our day trip to check out their offerings.Continue reading

The burgandy awning signals customers that they have arrived at Bar-istro in downtown Lee's Summit.

Shifting Gears at Bar-istro

In 2008 a small micro winery opened in downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri. As time passed, the owner saw the need to expand their offerings, so they would attract a wider clientele. After an extensive renovation in 2015, they reopened under the name of Bar-istro. Located in the main downtown business district, at 127 SE 3rd Street, they have seen a resurgence in popularity. We visited them to see what all of the buzz was about. Continue reading

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Happy Hour – Red Door Grill

Happy Hour visits are one of our favorite things, but our work schedule doesn’t always cooperate. It is nice to find places that offer extended hours, so that more people are able to participate. The Red Door Grill, at 11851 Roe Avenue, runs their Happy Hours from 4:00 – 7:00 pm Monday through Friday, and again from 10:00 to close on Friday and Saturdays . That makes this place a very popular gathering spot. The bar is a long granite slab, which offers plenty of seating. Running parallel to the bar is another long high table designed to capture the overflow. While this looks like a lot of seating, this place fills up quickly on a Friday evening. We found this out for ourselves.Continue reading

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Cheap Eats: 5 Ways to Dine Out For Less

It is safe to say that most people enjoy a meal out at least once in a while. For us we prefer this more often than not. It is entertaining, educational, and opens you up to new possibilities. Of course, we also know that dining out is more expensive than eating a homemade meal, but there are ways to combat the higher ticket prices if you are willing to be a little flexible. Here are our 5 top ways to score good eats at a reduced price.Continue reading

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Toast the Day at Holyfield Winery

In the entire state of Kansas there are less than 50 wineries, but that number is probably no surprise. What may surprise you is that located in Basehor is Holyfield Winery, which sits upon 14 acres of fertile Kansas soil. If you leave Kansas City, Kansas traveling west on Highway 40 (State Avenue), the next town you come to will be Basehor, Kansas. With just under 5,000 residents, this city is comprised mostly of residential housing, with a smattering of small restaurants and businesses. Most of these are in place to support the local population, but Holyfield stands out as unique in this sleepy little town. Continue reading

  • McCormick-Schmicks

Happy Hour – McCormick & Schmicks

McCormick & Schmicks sits on the Plaza overlooking the shopping district. The building is beautiful inside and out, and has an outdoor patio overlooking the busy streets. Primarily a seafood restaurant, they also serve delicious beef courses. Dinner can be an entertaining experience, but a bit pricey. Of course as we have learned, Happy Hour offers us an opportunity to savor there delectable offerings at a fraction of the price.Continue reading