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Catch the Streetcar to BRGR Kitchen & Bar

If you travel on the streetcar route in KCMO, you will find an assortment of unique dining and entertainment venues. As the streetcar moves along Main Street, one of it’s stops is at 14th Street. On the corner, at 11 E. 14th Street,  you will find BRGR Kitchen & Bar. This modern style eatery focuses on handhelds, and especially burgers, hence the name BuRGeR. This is one of three locations that can be visited in the Kansas City metro, with the other two in Johnson County.BRGR Kitchen & Bar

Our First Visit To BRGR

On a First Friday evening, we decided to catch the streetcar from the Crossroads, and head to Power & Light for a bite to eat. The Kansas City streetcar certainly makes it a lot easier to quickly travel from one entertainment district to another, without the headache of finding a new parking spot each time. We were fortunate enough to catch the tail end of Happy Hour at BRGR, so we celebrated with one of their cocktails. The KC Collins sounded interesting, so it was ordered up. It turned out to be a standard gin Collins with the addition of some blackberry liqueur. It was a refreshing twist on one of my favorite drinks. The Happy Hour eats are mostly appetizers, and weren’t what we had in mind, so we dove into the regular menu.

Only Burgers?

With a name like theirs, we felt it appropriate to test out their burgers. Crystal had their standard BRGR Burger, which comes with chopped caramelized onions mixed in with the patty. I chose the Juicy Lucy, which we were told is their most popular burger. While the flavor was very good, I was surprised at the size of the patty. Perhaps they should purchase smaller buns, so that they match up better. Another option would be to make the patties bigger, so they fit the bun better. Although the name implies this is just a burger joint, they actually have quite a few options on the menu. As a matter of fact, I made note of the Ale-battered Fish & Chips for a future visit.

A Good Choice On A First Friday

For sides we chose The COMBO, which allows customers to pick three of their offerings. Our choices were regular fries and sweet potato fries, as well as onion rings. The rings come with a special sauce that has a slightly sweet taste, but pairs well with the onion. While the meal appears smaller in the pictures, we were both stuffed by the end, and actually were not able to finish our meals. Still I believe presentation is important, so they could work a little on the appearance of the burgers. The place was crowded, but being in the P&L on a First Friday, it was to be expected. Overall we were pleased with the meal at BRGR Kitchen & Bar, and left satisfied and ready to do some exploring. Have you ever visited this place?

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