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A Decadent Sweet Treat

Late on a weekend evening we found ourselves out in the Town Center area of Overland Park, Kansas. We had just finished doing some light shopping, and were preparing for our drive back home. Dinner had been delicious, but that had been hours ago. The labors of shopping had created a desire for something Decadent to cap off the night. While we have frequented this area on many occasions, we haven’t spent much time looking for sweet confections. Just as you would probably do, I whipped into a parking lot and pulled out my phone. Soon we had a location identified, and were on our way.

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Happy Hours are Our Friend

  Throughout the city you can find a Happy Hour on most any day. Some establishments have added a Reverse Happy Hour, which is usually later in the evening. While these do occur every day, we enjoy the Friday Happy Hour the best. After a long work week it feels extra special to break from the routine and head out on the town. These events give us an excellent opportunity to sample a variety of upscale restaurants without the whole fanfare of an expensive dinner. Of course, not all of the restaurants are high dollar, but the fun of a Happy Hour stills holds its influence even in a more moderate setting. Continue reading

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Sensational Seafood at McCormick & Schmicks

McCormick & Schmicks Seafood and Steaks Restaurant is located in the heart of the Plaza on 47th Street. The beautiful glass dome perches atop the rotunda shaped building. The location offers a birds-eye view looking south towards Brush Creek. This upscale eaterie offers a good selection of fine dining menu options, all prepared with quality in mind. As you approach the restaurant entrance, you will come upon an outdoor seating area. On one side there are a handful of tables, which make for a nice al fresco dining experience on good weather days. On the opposite side is an outdoor fire-pit area designed for casual gatherings. Here is a great place to wait if your table isn’t ready.Continue reading

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Surfs Up at Cocoa Beach, Florida

This year we decided to spend our post-Thanksgiving taking a well-deserved trip. The plan was to make it a celebration of our 35th Anniversary, so a number that big needs a significant itinerary. We chose to start it with a couple days in the Cocoa Beach area. Our hopes were that some beach time would help us slow our pace from the everyday rushing that seems to permeate our lives. It always seems that the holidays add extra expectation to the already busy schedules.Continue reading

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Flip Your Disc with Frisbee Golf at Rosedale Park

Golfing, while fun, can be an expensive sport. There is the cost of a bag of clubs, and golf balls. You better bring extra if you are new to the game, because you will be losing a few. If you don’t want to carry your clubs all over the course, you will need to invest in a hand cart or rent a golf cart. Greens fees can run from costly to unbelievable. So what alternative is there that will still allow a person to get outdoors and enjoy the nature? How about Frisbee Golf!Continue reading

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See the War to End All Wars at the World War I Museum

We’ve all seen the pictures from the Kansas City Royal’s World Series rally at Union Station. Everyone remarked about how large of a crowd assembled, and how it was such an oddity. Well it was not the first time in Kansas City history that a massive crowd assembled near this site. If you were able to travel back to 1921 you would behold another massive gathering near these grounds. It may not have been 800,000 people, but considering the travel conditions of those days it was still an impressive event. This large mass of humanity gathered to witness a once in a lifetime event commemorating the dedication of the first World War I Museum to be built in the United States. Continue reading

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Quirky Finds at Easy, Tiger

It is amazing to hear the background stories from some of the businesses around town. People can be very inventive when they launch a start-up, and if successful, the business may slowly transform into something almost unrecognizable. Such is the case for Easy, Tiger located in the West Bottoms. The premise of the company started with delivering greeting cards. Not your average frilly, and sugary-sweet type of greeting cards. Their product has sarcastic overtones, and comes emblazoned with retro style graphics. The end result usually brings a smile to the face of the giver and receiver, so the cards accomplish their purpose. They just do it with a twist.Continue reading