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We are Crystal and Jeff, a couple of Baby Boomers who love to explore this amazing world around us. Being based in Kansas City, many of our visits are focused in the center of the U.S, although we also like to take the occasional longer journey. While jetting away to various exotic locales can be intriguing, we still prefer to travel by automobile, when possible. This allows us to investigate all the nooks and crannies, and root out those hidden gems. Our goal is to show you how to “Visit Like A Local”, since quite often the locals will try to keep all of the best places a secret.

We started Our Changing Lives, because much of the travel information we found was focused on once in a lifetime trips. While we love to read about backpacking through Thailand or cliff diving in Mexico, sometimes we just want to know about things we can do today. Perhaps you are looking for a great weekend day-trip, a nearby museum or just a place to catch a bite to eat. Those are the kind of things we try to focus on.

Our articles are designed to bring you lots of information, so that you will have a good idea what to expect during your visit. Besides the individual places we showcase, there are also articles which highlight itineraries we have used. These are a great resource, and can be followed as closely or loosely, as you wish. We will continue to add these overviews, as we research each new city. Feel free to use these when looking for trip ideas, especially in the U.S.

We hope that you will share some of your experiences, and maybe clue us in on some of the great discoveries you have made. You know what they say “Two heads are better than one”.

Thanks for joining us on this trip. Let’s hit the road!

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  1. Enjoyed your article – The museum is a gem and many are indeed unaware of it’s existence. Nice to read of KC and also to learn of fellow travel bloggers here in the area.

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